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Rainbow Island - RNBW

Rainbow Island - RNBW

Gatefold Vinyl
Limited to 300 copies hand-numbered

  1. Rainbow Theme
  2. Space Train
  3. Bongolandia
  4. Bobblers Dance
  5. The Windwaker
Recorded in April 2012 @ Snakes Studio near Bongolandia (RM, Italy) by Giancarlo Barbati

Played, Dreamed and Evoked by Rainbow Island
Edited and Mixed by Ucchio Parale @ Astroblack Studio with a little help from Cangiarlo
Mastered by Andrea “Suri” Suriani @ Alpha Dept (BO, Italy)
Artwork by Giuditta Matteucci ( •

Rainbow Island are
Simne Donadni: Drums
Dj Kimchi: Sampler, Kaoss Pad, Nintendo DS
PikkioMania: MFB Synth Lite 2, Loops, FX
Lou Q. Damage: Processed Vocals

15 EUR